The Black Brimmer is full of bad attitude and bully's

Newton, Massachusetts 1 comment
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Watch out if you go to the Black Brimmer in Manchester, NH.Never have a complaint because if you do, they will refuse your request to see a manager and instead, send two or three bouncers to escort you out.

This is a night club with live bands and a large dance floor, with tables lining the sides of the stage. They WILL, I repeat WILL throw out your full drinks if you place them on a table and did not get them from that tables server (waitress). They will do this without notifying you and usually wait until you leave to dance or go to the bathroom. Their resolve when you complain is to throw you out.

So, they like to basically steal from you and bully you after you realize the injustice. I've been going there for 10 years and have watched the way they treat patrons, and it does depend on the staff.

Not all are crazy jerks but there is a lot of bullying, lack of communication skills, attitudes and poor policy which will shut them down.It's just a matter of time.

Review about: Customer Service.



This person is obviously upset because they cant handle their liquor and probablly said something rude to an employee because they were drunk. People who write comments like this are bitter from the embarassment of someone calling them out on their obnoxious behavior.

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